Moms & More 2016-2017

Tending the Hearts of Mothers and Children - May 11, 2017
Speaker: Cindy Anderson
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Marriage Nuggets - April 13, 2017
Speaker: Kim Anderson
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True Calling: Passion or Pleasure - March 9, 2017
Speaker: Patti Sauls
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Conversations with your Child About God - February 2017
Speaker: Sydney Burris
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Raising Preschoolers in the Digital Age - January 2017
Speakers: Dr. Dawn Ruff, Laura Beth High, Libby Gleason
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Life-giving Ways to Care for Yourself and Others - December 2016
Speaker: Angie Gage
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Raising Grateful Kids in an Entitled World - November 2016
Speaker: Rebecca Kelton
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Helping You and Your Child Find Freedom from Fear and Anxiety - October 2016
Speaker: Megan Croft
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