Moms & More 2017-2018

Moms & More is a monthly gathering from September–May, designed specifically for moms of infants and preschool children to connect with each other through the common bond of the work they share. Each month features a speaker who will encourage you as a mother and as a woman much loved by God. 

An Invitation to Remember Whose You Are
September meeting
Speaker: Jen Barnett
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Struggle with Comparison?
October meeting
Speaker: A Panel Discussion
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Emotions and Young Children
November meeting
Speaker: David Thomas
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Culture in Your Family
December meeting
Speaker: Christie Holmes
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Postpartum Depression: Recognizing Signs in Yourself and Others: Finding Hope and Healing
January meeting
Speakers: Lisa Holzapfel, Hope Clinic Medical Services Manager and Casey Dycus, Hope Clinic Counselor
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Four Keys to Intimacy Within Your Marriage
February meeting
Speaker: Steve Jackson, LMFT
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Teachable Moments
March meeting
Speaker: Martha Jane Wolters
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All Work Matters
April meeting
Speaker: Eleanor Wells
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Parenting with Wisdom in the Digital Age
May meeting
Speaker: Katherine Koonce
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