Moms & More 2015-2016

Is Rest Possible in a 24/7 Life? - May 2016
Speaker: Debby Jones
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Navigating Motherhood, Faith and Work: A Panel Discussion - April  2016
Speakers: Ann-Haley Poag, Missy Wallace, Patti Sauls
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Mother/Daughter Relationships - March 2016
Speaker: Patricia Dean
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Romantic Love: Getting Connected and Staying Connected - February 2016
Speaker: Rob Curwen
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Teaching Kids Healthy Sexuality - January 2016
Speaker: Pam Ferriss
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The Overparenting Trap - December  2015
Speaker: Patti Sauls
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Keeping Christ the Center of the Holiday and My Heart - November 2015
Speaker: Curry Winters
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Boundaries for Young Moms in a Boundary-less Stage of Life - October 2015
Speaker: Kim Anderson
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