Bible Studies & Classes

Our Bible Studies and Classes are designed to teach the truth of Scripture to women in all ages and stages. Typically our Bible Studies run from September-April with a break during December. Childcare is provided.

Tuesday AM bible study

The Tuesday AM study is a multi-generational study taught through a large group teaching time, weekly homework and small group discussion. We use an all women multi-generational teaching team and small groups are facilitated by volunteers. These groups vary in composition according to preference – age and stage or multi-generational. 

Wednesday PM Bible Study

 The Wednesday PM study is multi-generational, uses the same content as our Tuesday morning study but a different format that provides for personal study, a short devotional and small group conversation. A great way to connect outside of weekday mornings.

Senior Ladies Bible Study

An age and stage study, our Senior Ladies group uses a video teaching format followed by group discussion of weekly homework. This group is facilitated by a CPC volunteer.



Classes tend to be topical but always taught through the grid of the Gospel. Our goal is to inform and encourage women as well as to show how the Gospel impacts all of life. Classes are usually scheduled in the summer.