Thank you for taking the time to visit our website! In 2016, Christ Presbyterian Church embraced the following vision statement:

As a family united in Christ and led by Scripture, we at Christ Presbyterian Church exist as partakers in a movement of God’s Kingdom that offers spiritual life, public faith, mercy and justice, and the integration of faith and work to the people, communities, institutions, and churches of greater Nashville, and through Nashville, the world.

Beneath this is a desire to be a church that exists not for ourselves, but for the flourishing of our city. As ambassadors of Jesus, we want to creatively leave things better than we found them in the places where we live, work, and play. In all our thoughts, words, and living, we aim to follow Christ in his mission of loving people, places and things to life.

Who belongs at Christ Presbyterian? Whether a long-time believer or someone who is still unsure about Christianity, Christ Presbyterian is for anyone interested in exploring and engaging with the truth, beauty, community and mission of God.

We are a spiritual family whose embrace aims to be as broad as the embrace of Jesus. We are for the flourishing of grownups and children, educators and athletes, engineers and artists, healers and addicts, CEO’s and homemakers, conservatives and liberals, Americans and Internationals, affluent and poor, single and married, lonely and connected, depressed and happy, restless and relaxed, curious agnostics and committed believers, PhD’s and those with special needs, experts and students, saints and sinners. In short, if you are a human being and an incomplete work in progress, you will fit in well with our community. We hope you will consider joining your story with ours.

As you explore our website, please also don’t hesitate to approach us personally with your questions. Give us a call, attend one of our services, forums or parties, try out a Missional Community or a CORE class, learn more about our beliefs and vision through CPC101, or simply introduce yourself to us in the hallways. Our desire is to serve you.

All the best,