Although Communications utilizes digital channels to publish content, the Comm department does not provide technology support. We do partner with digital firms that offer superior tech support services. Those partners are listed below. 

Websites Issues — route issues through commcpc@christpres.org
+ SquareSpace (ChristPres.org & NIFW.org)
+ Pyxl (ScottSauls.com)

Database Requests —  route issues through eetchison@christpres.org
+ Community Church Builder

Email Marketing — route issues through commcpc@christpres.org
+  BombBomb

Internal Email (Google App) — route issue through help@christpres.org
+ Enable

Hardware, Software, Networking — route issue through help@christpres.org
+ Enable

Sanctuary Lighting and Audio - route issue through media@christpres.org
+ Making Media (sanctuary video)
+ CTS Audio (sanctuary audio)