Speaker Release Form

This form is provided to you as a speaker in a class, Bible study, lecture, or other presentation at Christ Presbyterian Church. We would like to capture your presentation in audio and/or video format. To that end, we want to make certain that both you and the Church have the necessary rights and protections to continue to benefit from your presentation. In addition to creating an archive copy for educational purposes, possible uses of the presentation include, but are not limited to,
inclusion on the Christ Presbyterian Church website, in email and on social media platforms.

In addition, Christ Presbyterian Church would like to mention your business or non-profit if we promote your presentation. Please include a website link, applicable social media handles and a takeaway quote.

By completing this form, you agree that to the best of your knowledge, your presentation is your own original material for which you have full authority to grant the rights set forth in this Speaker Release Form.

The rights set forth in this Speaker Release Form are granted on a royalty free and irrevocable basis.

Please provide a takeaway quote for us to share on social media.
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