Welcome To The Care Corner Blog!

Welcome to The Care Corner, CPC’s Congregational Care blog! I am the Director of Congregational Care at Christ Presbyterian Church and in many ways the gatekeeper of all things Care that flow through all the various avenues within our church community. Over the last two years, the Care Process at Christ Presbyterian Church has continued to be refined and formalized. We have a Care Team that meets weekly to discuss current care situations and next steps. The team is a mix of pastors, staff, and those with counseling-related degrees. The last two years have proven that collaboration on hard life situations really does improve the quality of care. Many hands and many prayers do lighten the load for all.

Although I can’t promise that the Care Team will have all the answers, I can guarantee that hardship experienced in a loving community will always be better than hardship experienced in isolation.

My hope is that you can get to know the Care Team’s collective heart better by getting to know me through this blog. In the next post, I will share my story and how I resonate with the philosophy that we get healthier by being our real selves in community.