How to Listen to Sermons

The easiest way to access our audio is to subscribe once and be notified every time CPC releases a new sermon. To subscribe you will need to download a podcast app. Below are three podcast apps we recommend. Choose your favorite and subscribe to CPC's sermon podcast.

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the host platform for all CPC audio so it's app is an obvious choice.  CPC Central's Soundcloud page is at Intown's SoundCloud page can be found at At either page you can download SoundCloud's app for iPhone/iPad or Android.

2. iTunes

If you use iTunes for podcasts, subscribe here. In February 2017, CPC Central's sermons migrated to a new iTunes podcast page. If you previously subscribed to CPC Central's podcast your app was redirected to this new iTunes page. If you're unsure, you can re-subscribe at Central's new iTunes page. Intown's iTunes page can be found here.

3. Google Play

Android users often prefer Google Play to find and listen to podcasts. Visit CPC Central's profile on Google Play here. To find the Google Play Music app for Android, visit here.

Other Podcast Apps

If you use another app like Overcast or Pocket Casts, do a search for "Christ Presbyterian Church Nashville" and you should find us.

Listen Directly

We encourage listeners to subscribe but you can also listen without a subscription. Visit the Sermons page and search the sermon archive. You can also click on an audio link or stream audio using the player below.