Global Church Planting News

Church Planting will eventually represent a minimum 50% of all non-Christ Presbyterian Academy Mission Advisory Team dollars! This is in alignment with the principles set forth in A Dream for a Better Tomorrow, including global PCA and non-PCA church-plants in under-developed/under-served areas; under-reached areas; and global cities—defined as follows:

  • Under-developed/under-served areas: More impoverished areas of the world that have the highest concentration of the world's poor and under-resourced (rural Africa or India, for example).

  • Under-reached areas: Areas of the world that lack a vibrant gospel witness, and/or that have no gospel witness at all (the 10/40 Window, for example).

  • Global cities: Urban areas that are densely populated with a diverse and therefore a "global" demographic within its own borders including multiple races, nationalities, religions, languages, socioeconomic strata, etc. Global cities are also culture centers that, because of their industry and innovation connection to the rest of the world, have a notable impact on the world beyond their own borders. American global cities include places like New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, Miami, and (yes, it's true!) Nashville. Non-American global cities include places like London, Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, Shanghai, Sao Paulo, etc.

We're excited to let you know of our commitment to partner with significant funding (pending annual budget approval) in the following three locations for three years, with potential two-year extension:




By God’s grace, Christ Presbyterian in partnership with New Generations will seek to launch 675 new churches with 7,500 new disciples among five "unengaged" people groups in West Africa over the next three years. "Unengaged" means that in the history of Christianity no one has ever even tried to bring the Gospel to these people.



Uttar Pradesh is one of the least evangelized states of India with less than 1% Christians. It has 75 districts with a population of 225 million in 97,82 villages. This state is located in Rae Bareli county as a strategic place for reaching the unreached through evangelism and church planting, leadership development, and compassion ministries. Our five-year goal in partnership with Reaching Indians Ministries International is to establish 500 house churches by developing local leaders and addressing community needs holistically.



In partnership with Acts 29, we will support Yoshi and his family in reaching this global city of 36 million unreached people. Launched in 2013, their church plant called Soma Fuchu exists for the city and regularly organizes parties to reach their community.