Worship, Connect, Serve—Summary and Next Steps

Dear Christ Presbyterian Family,

What a fun time we’ve had preaching through the Worship, Connect, Serve sermon series. We are so grateful to lead congregations who are willing to lean into challenging, stretching ideas drawn from the pages of Scripture.

We believe the Lord is at work in our city, and that we, as local church communities get to be part of that work. There are few greater honors in life than to be used by the Lord for his redemptive purposes. As this sermon series comes to a close, we, as the congregational pastors, wanted to take a quick moment to walk back through the key ideas from the series and their applications, in the hope that they would guide us moving forward.

Here’s a brief summary of the series:

Be fully present with the church every Sunday.
The application is pretty clear. Come to church every week. Put your phone away, engage with what’s being said and read, and with what you’re saying and singing.

Be fully present with Jesus every day.
Get into Scripture. Develop and cultivate the habit of prayer.

Here are some resources you can use to dig into Scripture starting today.
She Reads Truth and He Reads Truth offer free Scripture reading plans online and via email. You can also download their easy-to-use app or order their beautiful print books.
The Dwell Bible App is a great resource for listening to Scripture. It is very customizable, down to the reading plans and the reader’s accent.
The ESV or CSB Study Bibles. These are both very readable translations with loads of helpful notes and accessible commentary. These bibles come with a variety of daily reading plans—including reading through the Bible in a year and also reading Scripture chronologically.

Take every opportunity to gather with your group.
Identify and get involved with a group in your church. Find a connect group. Join a Missional Community. Get involved in men’s and women’s events. Come to one of our many classes and find your group.

Befriend and bring in people who don’t have a church.
Our city is growing at a rapid pace. A recent study conducted by TheAmericanChurch.org indicated that only 28% of Davidson and Williamson County residents have a church home. Though some may not be open to the invitation, many will be. We want to maintain a thriving culture of invitation.

Here are some ways you can find a group, along with some “front door” opportunities through which you can invite others in today:
• Join a Connect Group. Connect Groups are one of our most “on the ground” opportunities to find a handful of other individuals and families to get to know and walk through life together.
• Get involved in or start a Missional Community.
• Check out Christ Presbyterian Church’s Men’s and Women’s ministry events.
• Save the dates and come out for church events.

Strengthen the church by serving and giving.
The church is full of needs—you can serve with the Kids’ Ministry, help with set-up at one of our locations, become part of the hospitality team, teach a class, or become a mentor with the student ministry.

Enhance flourishing by serving your work, your world, and people in need.
As an outward-facing church, we value living out our faith in public. There are many ways to do this in partnership with the church—you can get involved with The Nashville Institute for Faith and Work, you can join or start a Missional Community, or serve with one of our Missional Partnerships.

But beyond all these opportunities lies the vision that we would be a church filled with people who are intentionally engaging as followers of Christ in the places where we live, work, and play.

Though we have drawn this sermon series to a close, our prayer is that the application of this series is just beginning to work its way in and through our church community. We pray that these principles of Worship, Connect, and Serve will be waypoints on the map as we seek to live as faithful, flourishing followers of Jesus Christ, joining him in his mission of loving people, places, and things to life.

With love,

Scott Sauls, Stacey Croft, and Russ Ramsey