Attend a Gotham Faith & Work Interest Meeting

Jay Cherry, a graduate of the Nashville Institute for Faith & Work Gotham program, shares how God is using him in the for-profit marketplace.

About the Gotham Program

What does God want for us and from us in our work? Many of us engage in self-help, leadership or another personal development study, taking hard looks at our personal efforts. But what if we applied that kind of examination blended with the Gospel to both our personal lives and to the broken systems around us in our work? How could we shine light into both of those places at the same time? The Nashville Faith and Work Institute's nine-month faith and work program will help you answer these questions and more through Gospel-centered theological training, spiritual and personal development, and a community of peers from diverse backgrounds and vocations.

The Nashville Faith and Work Institute is holding two interest meetings on April 10 and May 14.