[VIDEO] Third Location Announcement

Dear Members and Friends of Christ Presbyterian Church,

For those that missed Sunday's announcement, we updated the congregation that Christ Presbyterian's third worship location, to be planted and led by pastor Russ Ramsey, is scheduled to open this fall in Williamson County.

Though we have not yet identified a specific address for services, the current target area is somewhere south of Concord Road, north of Highway 96, East of I-65, and West of I-24. Think Edmondson Pike / Wilson Pike / Nolensville Blvd, etc. as a general vicinity.

This is a rapidly growing area of Williamson County, which is projected to have nearly half a million residents in the next 10-20 years. Our chief focus, as always, will be new residents and those who do not already have a church. Our focus will also be to support, encourage, and wherever possible partner with, existing nearby churches to reach this growing area of our city.

For more details regarding information gatherings, timeline, and how interested parties can get involved and/or hear more about the third location, visit this webpage to sign up for periodic updates from Russ Ramsey. AND PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

We are grateful for the support of the Christ Presbyterian elders as well as the church planting committee of the Nashville Presbytery, who gave us their unanimous "thumbs up" for this Williamson County effort just last week. Please be in prayer for this effort, that God would grant his favor, and that his mission of loving people, places, and things to life would be advanced with this new and exciting step of faith for our church.

Much love,

Scott Sauls