CPC's Guide to Disaster Relief


Christ Presbyterian has received a number of inquiries regarding disaster response for those by the recent Hurricane.  Below is a quick guide to answers and resources: 

  • Where should I give? 
    When RELIEF is needed (life-saving shelter, food, water), give immediately to the most effective agencies already set-up and staffed with excellent systems in place.
  • Which agencies are those?
    We recommend the Red Cross and Samaritan’s Purse. They’re already on-the-ground in Texas with immediate clearance allowed to go where the needs are most urgent. 
  • How do I give immediately? 
    RED CROSS:  call 1- 800-RED CROSS or text the word HARVEY to 90999 to make a $10 donation.  
    SAMARITAN'S PURSE:  Hurricane Harvey Donation Page
  • But I want to go and help. Can you connect me to a destination? 
    Dollars given immediately really are the best ways to help without hurting these first few weeks. Watch this video to understand why.
  • What's next?
     After the RELIEF phase (first few weeks), the REBUILDING phase begins. CPC will keep you posted as decisions are made. Christ Presbyterian's Mission Advisory Team (MAT) will prayerfully consider the months of rebuilding that will be needed ahead - like we did with direct assistance to 20 families who lost everything in the Gatlinburg Fires and 51 families affected by the Baton Rouge floods.
  • What about efforts coordinated by our Nashville Presbytery? 
    The Nashville Presbytery Mercy/Missions Committee was mobilized when the Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Charley hit in 2004-2005 and will be working through Mission to North America (MNA).
  • Is our Diaconate in a position to help?
    CPC's Diaconate is working to reboot their systems in order to more effectively respond this time next year. 
  • What about the PCA efforts nationally?
    Mission to North America (MNA) is active in national emergencies and works in conjunction with all the great organizations listed above. 

We hope this information is helpful and know that we will keep you posted as Christ Presbyterian's MAT considers longterm ways to support relief efforts ahead.