Missional Leaders' Banquet Highlights

On May 9, 2019 Christ Presbyterian Church hosted its annual Missional Leaders’ Banquet at Maggiano’s Little Italy, honoring 23 Mission Advisory Team members and the 2018-19 leadership of 22 Missional Communities. 120 leaders and spouses attended, and representatives from each Missional Community present offered reflections on the past year. Here are highlights from the stories shared that evening:

“We go inside prison walls and offer hope [at TN Prison for Women]. This year during our Easter service at the prison, we saw 43 women come to know Christ. For the first time, the warden allowed the prisoners’ children to join them as part of the service.”
Rochelle Brock, Equipping Incarcerated Women

“One of our ongoing events is called Friday Night Lights. We bring the kids dinner and cupcakes and then play games. It’s been so special to see them grow to feel comfortable with us. We want to create opportunities for them to just have fun and be kids. Our goal is to build joy-filled friendships, help foster a love within them for learning and help them discover God-inspired dreams.”
Kelly Bradway, Preston Taylor Ministries (MC)

“Our group is a 12-step, Christ-centered recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind — sex addiction, gambling, lying, alcoholism — you name it. Through our weekly meetings, we discover that we have the wonderful gift of knowing we don’t have to carry our hurt and guilt. We see a lot of miracles every week. It’s like the ‘Field of Dreams.’ We just open the doors and people keep coming.”
Charlton Lentz, Celebrate Recovery

“We are a multigenerational group creating opportunities for connection so single women don’t feel isolated or lonely[, ...] sharing a meal, studying the Bible, attending a concert, hiking or canoeing... One of my favorite memories from this past year occurred during a getaway we planned for the group. One participant in her 70s excitedly shared, ‘I’ve never been on an overnight retreat before!’ It was a sweet reminder that it’s never too late to form meaningful friendships with others.”
Jill Khan, Single Women Celebrating Life Together

“For parents of children with cleft lips and cleft palates, discovering the path of treatment, including which doctors and specialists to visit and in what order, is a complicated, unknown territory... We help these families determine the path forward and connect them with medical professionals who can offer insight on treatment and healing. Recently, a prominent Nashville medical group reached out and shared, ‘We see your group as the go-to support for Nashville.’ We couldn't be more grateful for this feedback.”
Kristin Patton, Nashville S.P.E.A.K.S.

“We support New Hope Academy through special events, prayer and student mentoring. The school’s mission is to function as a Christ-centered community school with an economically, racially and culturally diverse student body. This year we’ve seen the students desire to cultivate relationships with their mentors, even when things weren’t easy… We’ve witnessed the importance and value of these relationships, and it’s been a wonderful thing.”
Pat Ummel, New Hope Academy (MC)

“We’re a multigenerational group that uses our gifts of knitting and crocheting to bless women throughout Nashville. In the past year we’ve made items such as blankets, newborn hats and washcloths. There’s something special that happens when women gather to create beautiful things and pray over the individuals who’ll receive the gifts we are making for them. It feels like a sacred circle.”
Leah Rader, Yarning for Hope

“We seek to build relationships and share Christ’s love with women who are survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction. This year, it’s been a privilege to build friendships with the women and witness them enjoy activities that most of them missed as children. On one occasion we busted a piñata at Percy Warner Park! It’s also been amazing to share Scripture with them. Some have been surprised to learn that prostitutes are mentioned in the Bible. They’ve discovered that God doesn’t remember their sin. It’s so healing for them.”
Susan Garvey, Magdalene (MC)

“We exist to function as a safe place and creative respite for those in Nashville who are songwriters, bloggers and poets. This year we’ve cultivated the skills of putting truth and beauty out into a world that really needs it.”
Russ Ramsey, Mug & Pencil

“This year we’ve had new girls join our troop who have no prior connection to our church or school. We function as an open troop where anyone can join… It’s been exciting to welcome them. We’ve seen some longstanding members of our troop embrace the new girls and graciously allow them to be part of this community. These character-building opportunities are invaluable.”
Kate Etue, Girl Scout Troop 2123

To get involved with any of these teams, contact Cammy Bethea or visit our Missional Communities page.