Considerations from Cammy

As we head into April, I’m grateful for springtime and the countless hours so many of you have invested with neighbors and friends this winter—neighbors who need the hope of the Gospel as we all do. Sometimes it’s just a bit more obvious in the wintertime—eh? When so many of you could read by the fire, you’re instead looking for opportunities to encourage a new mom or mentor an inmate or advocate for a foster child or start a new Missional Community. It’s encouraging beyond belief. Your stories are numerous.

Sometimes (perhaps often) the process is more telling than the outcome. What do I mean? Well, I may have six to seven meaningful conversations exploring a possible brand-new Missional Community idea—yet only one of those groups may eventually launch a new effort in our city—but what I’ve discovered through that process is the depth each of you cares about following Jesus in his mission of loving people, places and things to life. You’re each unique; and together, we’ve been called to love the growing number of folks moving into Nashville. For some it’s on-campus; for others, it’s your workplace; for still others, it’s your aging parents or your growing family or your favorite non-profit. I could give thousands of examples and instead, I just want to encourage you all today to be his aroma wherever he has you this month, this season.

I received a phone call from a pastor in the Midwest earlier this past month (the fourth or fifth call of this nature within the past six months) asking how in the world do we mobilize our members and friends to serve actively in so many different areas, pursuing so many diverse industries and passions. He’d done his homework looking at our website. I shared several stories and gave a few examples. He’ll probably call back (often they do). And when I hung up, I thought of you—so many of your faces, your voices, your lives, your platforms, your influence, your desire to pour into others. And I bowed in thanks to our Heavenly Father who’s led you to Nashville—to love our city to life.

Be encouraged: “Whatever you are, be a good one.” (Abraham Lincoln) Seek out a neighbor this month who needs the hope of Easter. Invite him/her to Holy Week services at Scarritt Bennett. Or bring them Easter Sunday. For he is risen…