Missional Partners: Did You Know?

Each year, we are steadily and strategically increasing our Mission Advisory Team budget to include selected efforts which are leading examples of faith and work initiatives in our city. This month, we are excited to let you all know we've added the following to our MAT Budget:

Porter's Call offers support, encouragement, and counsel to recording artists and their families. They provide a safe and confidential refuge for artists to deal with the issues they face, at no charge. Since its beginning, more than 1,000 different artists, from all genres, have come through their doors.

Corner to Corner offers a proven 10-week Business Entrepreneurship Academy that equips community members with the skills they need to plan, start, and grow their own small business. In Spring 2018, 31 people graduated from 3 different sites. 93% of them were African American; 78% were from a low-moderate income tract, and 80% were women. By Fall 2018, they'll have 70-75 graduates in various stages of establishing their business, believing that “when we invest in our own, we all profit.”  

Sew for Hope began as a ministry of Thriftsmart teaching a group of four Bhutanese students— then grew into a bigger team of people committed to sharing their love of sewing while making Nashville a welcoming place for refugees. Sew for Hope now celebrates more than 200 graduates of its Basic Sewing program—all of whom have received professional training, a certificate, sewing tools, and a new sewing machine to help them begin their own business or become employed in a sewing related field.