Considerations from Cammy

As Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." That's one reason we believe Missional Communities are so effective. As of May 2018, we know of 1,063 folks involved who are impacting an additional 4,864 folks across our city on a regular basis. Isn't that incredible?! We’re grateful for the 158 volunteer leaders who draft their mission with passion and with purpose—then seek to recruit others to join them as they follow Jesus in his mission to love people, places and things to life. 
Did you know we recently approved more than $70,000 in support of 13 Missional Communities serving across Nashville? Schools. Special Needs. Housing. Artists. Anti-Human Trafficking. Equipping the Incarcerated. Just to name a few. All ages. Singles. Married. New to Nashville. Long-time Nashvillians. Leaders. Followers. Mobilizers. Owners. Change agents. 
Want to launch a brand-new Missional Community that doesn't exist yet? Start by forming a small leadership team (three-plus people)—then email me to get coffee and pitch your ideas. Consider how you can get connected and serve this year! Summer is the perfect time to get the conversation going—in time to apply for a fall (mid-year) Missional Grant!