Your Partnership Dollars Changing Lives

In addition to investing in local and global church-planting, we also support Third Millennium Ministries and African Leadership, Inc.—both of which offer theological training to global church leaders.

Third Mill offers biblical education for the world. For free. That's right: People from 37 different countries requested their free materials in October/November 2018—and they average more than one million visitors per year to their website. Because their online materials are available in multiple languages at no cost, Third Mill resources are truly accessible to global church leaders wherever they are.


African Leadership, Inc. trains pastors like Pastor Daniel in central Malawi and Pastor Tito in South Sudan. Communities change for the better, living lives with the hope of the gospel.

As African Leadership explains, "This is success—where pastors and church leaders are biblically literate and theologically sound—and where plans for community maturity and growth (spiritually, emotionally and physically) can be defined."

Pastor Chipiliro shares his remarkable story of God’s work in the rural area outside Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. And Pastor Denis has worked for the past 20 years to grow the church in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Amidst war, chaos and trauma, he remains unwavering in his commitment to affect sustainable change in his corner of the world. As Denis fiercely states: “We have to help the others. We have to work for the others who do not know.”

Lastly, Pastor Geoffrey Ocan has fought tirelessly to see Uganda flourish from the inside out. Despite war, poverty, refugee crises and abduction, Geoffrey passionately believes Ugandans can develop a thriving country if they learn, work and problem solve together. He and his wife Jennifer are dedicated teachers who encourage the next generation of leaders to dream and build thriving communities.

Thanks to your dollars changing lives, we're able to continue partnering with these brothers and sisters whose global impact is transforming lives.