Your Partnership Dollars Changing Lives

In addition to investing in local and global church-planting, we also support Third Millennium Ministries and African Leadership, Inc.—both of which offer theological training to global church leaders.

Third Mill offers biblical education for the world. For free. That's right: People from 37 different countries requested their free materials in October/November 2018—and they average more than one million visitors per year to their website. Because their online materials are available in multiple languages at no cost, Third Mill resources are truly accessible to global church leaders wherever they are.


African Leadership, Inc. trains pastors like Pastor Daniel in central Malawi and Pastor Tito in South Sudan. Communities change for the better, living lives with the hope of the gospel.

As African Leadership explains, "This is success—where pastors and church leaders are biblically literate and theologically sound—and where plans for community maturity and growth (spiritually, emotionally and physically) can be defined."

Pastor Chipiliro shares his remarkable story of God’s work in the rural area outside Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. And Pastor Denis has worked for the past 20 years to grow the church in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Amidst war, chaos and trauma, he remains unwavering in his commitment to affect sustainable change in his corner of the world. As Denis fiercely states: “We have to help the others. We have to work for the others who do not know.”

Lastly, Pastor Geoffrey Ocan has fought tirelessly to see Uganda flourish from the inside out. Despite war, poverty, refugee crises and abduction, Geoffrey passionately believes Ugandans can develop a thriving country if they learn, work and problem solve together. He and his wife Jennifer are dedicated teachers who encourage the next generation of leaders to dream and build thriving communities.

Thanks to your dollars changing lives, we're able to continue partnering with these brothers and sisters whose global impact is transforming lives.

Considerations from Cammy

As Helen Keller once said, "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." That's one reason we believe Missional Communities are so effective. As of May 2018, we know of 1,063 folks involved who are impacting an additional 4,864 folks across our city on a regular basis. Isn't that incredible?! We’re grateful for the 158 volunteer leaders who draft their mission with passion and with purpose—then seek to recruit others to join them as they follow Jesus in his mission to love people, places and things to life. 
Did you know we recently approved more than $70,000 in support of 13 Missional Communities serving across Nashville? Schools. Special Needs. Housing. Artists. Anti-Human Trafficking. Equipping the Incarcerated. Just to name a few. All ages. Singles. Married. New to Nashville. Long-time Nashvillians. Leaders. Followers. Mobilizers. Owners. Change agents. 
Want to launch a brand-new Missional Community that doesn't exist yet? Start by forming a small leadership team (three-plus people)—then email me to get coffee and pitch your ideas. Consider how you can get connected and serve this year! Summer is the perfect time to get the conversation going—in time to apply for a fall (mid-year) Missional Grant!

Missional Partners: Did You Know?

Each year, we are steadily and strategically increasing our Mission Advisory Team budget to include selected efforts which are leading examples of faith and work initiatives in our city. This month, we are excited to let you all know we've added the following to our MAT Budget:

Porter's Call offers support, encouragement, and counsel to recording artists and their families. They provide a safe and confidential refuge for artists to deal with the issues they face, at no charge. Since its beginning, more than 1,000 different artists, from all genres, have come through their doors.

Corner to Corner offers a proven 10-week Business Entrepreneurship Academy that equips community members with the skills they need to plan, start, and grow their own small business. In Spring 2018, 31 people graduated from 3 different sites. 93% of them were African American; 78% were from a low-moderate income tract, and 80% were women. By Fall 2018, they'll have 70-75 graduates in various stages of establishing their business, believing that “when we invest in our own, we all profit.”  

Sew for Hope began as a ministry of Thriftsmart teaching a group of four Bhutanese students— then grew into a bigger team of people committed to sharing their love of sewing while making Nashville a welcoming place for refugees. Sew for Hope now celebrates more than 200 graduates of its Basic Sewing program—all of whom have received professional training, a certificate, sewing tools, and a new sewing machine to help them begin their own business or become employed in a sewing related field.