Missional Grants Frequently Asked Questions

What is a missional grant?
Funds to engage in creative missional initiatives focused on alleviating poverty (spiritual, emotional and financial) within our city in the three areas of Mercy & Justice, Faith & Work or Public Faith—all aligned with our mission and vision.

Are grants available only for groups?
Yes. Grants may be applied for by Missional Communities.

Who can apply for a missional grant?
Any current Christ Presbyterian Church members leading a missional community.

What is the process of applying for a missional grant?
First, read Scott Sauls' essay, "What Do We Mean By Missional Living?" Then contact Cammy Bethea to be assigned two members of our Mission Advisory Team, to whom you'll present your ideas. Then, if recommended to do so, complete the online grant application and submit it directly to your assigned Mission Advisory Team members prior to the deadline.

How much money is available?
$10,000 max per grant year.

When can we expect to hear if our grant is approved?
By July 1 or December 1, depending on when your application is submitted. There may be exceptions to this process due to extenuating circumstances, availability (or not) of remaining funds, etc.

How will I be notified?
Notifications are sent via email to the initiative leader.

How are the funds paid out?
Grant funds are available via reimbursement (with receipts in accordance to grant application, preferably within 30 days) or via purchase order, which is pre-approved with an invoice directly paid to a vendor.

If our grant is denied, may we reapply?
Yes. One application is allowed per round (spring and fall).

How are missional grants approved or denied?
Our Mission Advisory Team (MAT) is tasked with vetting all grant applications.

Will I receive a lump sum payment directly from Christ Presbyterian or will I need to submit itemized receipts?
Grant funds are available only via reimbursement with receipts in accordance to the grant application or via purchase order, which is pre-approved with an invoice directly paid to a vendor.

What if we don't spend all of the monies granted to us for our initiative?
Whatever is approved for spending must be spent by May 31 in order to allow sufficient time to process reimbursements and close our books. Monies not spent by May 31 are forfeited and will not rollover beyond May 31 and will therefore be available to the Mission Advisory Team for re-allocation.

If our initiative is ongoing for more than a year, may we reapply for funding each year?
Yes, you may reapply; however, please understand that grants are not designed for perpetual funding and must stand on their own merit each year.

What are the criteria used to determine whether a grant is funded or not?
Some of the criteria are as follows: Christ Presbyterian membership, alignment with Christ Presbyterian's vision, number of Nashville friends who will be impacted through this investment, leadership capacity, leaders' history, and strategic need (extent to which this funding is crucial at this time and place).

Are grants awarded on a first-come, first-served basis?
Grants will be awarded according first and foremost to those initiatives that align with Christ Presbyterian's vision to follow Christ in loving people, places and things to life—that is, as long as dollars remain available to do so.

Does the initiative need to be completed in Nashville?
Yes, but by Nashville, we mean "the greater Nashville area," which includes surrounding areas such as Franklin.

May we combine funds from other sources with our missional grant to broaden our impact or scope?
Yes. It's our desire that our members and friends will be supporting the initiative financially with their own dollars in addition to grant monies that may be approved.