As a family united in Christ and led by Scripture, we at Christ Presbyterian Church exist as partakers in a movement of God’s Kingdom that offers spiritual life, public faith, mercy and justice, and the integration of faith and work to the people, communities, institutions, and churches of greater Nashville, and through Nashville, to the world.

Our Mission

To follow Christ in his mission of loving people, places, and things to life.

We Value God

Through Christ and by his Spirit, God has made us his daughters and sons.
Therefore, by his grace:

  • We will seek to love God first and love God most.

  • We will rest and live in the peace of the Father, majoring in the majors and minoring in the minors.

  • We will rest and live in the love of Christ, as a people of grace.

  • We will rest and live in the ways of the Spirit, as a people of truth.

We Value People

In love, Christ gave his life for every type of person.
Therefore, by his grace:

  • We will settle for nothing less than healthy, life-giving community with each other.

  • We will be hospitable and thoughtful toward all of our guests.

  • We will treat our non-Christian friends and neighbors with love, dignity, and respect.

  • We will give special care to the weak and the poor.

We Value Places

God is making all things new through Christ.
Therefore, by his grace:

  • We will seek the peace and prosperity of Nashville and from Nashville, the world.

  • We will seek to be good neighbors in every place, inside and outside of our homes.

  • We will treat the workplace as a significant and strategic realm for discipleship and mission.

  • We will work for the renewal of broken neighborhoods and institutions.

We Value Things

All things were created by Christ and for Christ.
Therefore, by his grace:

  • We will resist greed and encourage simple generous living.

  • We will manage and share the resources God entrusts to us responsibly and faithfully.

  • We will seek to do a few things with excellence, versus many things with mediocrity.

  • We will take responsibility to care for all of God’s creation.