Mission Advisory Team 

The Mission Advisory Team (MAT) is a dedicated team of Christ Presbyterian members who focus year-round on ensuring that all funds given toward Missional Partnerships (non-profits and missionaries receiving monthly Christ Presbyterian funds) and Global Grants align with our mission and vision.

The Mission Advisory Team also helps Christ Presbyterian members become actively involved in serving with our Missional Communities many of which receive Missional Grants. Christ Presbyterian members who are active in Missional Communities include mentors, teachers, crafters, caretakers, physicians, scholars, builders, friends, conversationalists, farmers, travelers, artisans and followers of Christ.

Mission Advisory Team (2019-2020):

Whitney Akin
Cammy Bethea
John Carpenter
Katie Creech
Mike Duckworth
LeeEric Fesko
Toni Fitzpenn
Karen Graves
Sharon Kinney
JennyLark Lindman
Campbell Metcalfe
Jonathan Payne
Ellie Poole
Kim Perez
Susan Ryan
Heather Spilburg
Mae Ann Watson
Trael Webb
Chris Wells
Eric Wheeler

More About the Mission advisory team

The Mission Advisory Team continuously evaluates the groups Christ Presbyterian partners with, ensuring partners aren’t just well-intended, but are truly impactful in three core areas: Mercy & Justice, Public Faith and Faith & Work.

Think of the Mission Advisory Team as the bridge between the congregation and Christ Presbyterian’s partners in the Church, Nashville and the World. Our desire is to be strategic and effective as we ensure that we are being good stewards of God’s provision and true to our mission, values and philosophy of ministry. 

Important Documents

Download the Mission Advisory Team Vision.
Download our Mission & Missions Support Philosophy.
Download our Missions Budget Plan.