Membership & Baptism

If you are interested in considering membership at Christ Presbyterian, the process is:

1. Attend CPC101
2. Apply for membership
3. Email Jen Seger to schedule an interview with a CPC Elder. 

Church Membership for Children/Youth

Church membership opportunities are offered each year for Children (Elementary School Age) and Youth (Jr./Sr. High School Age).

If your child or youth is interested in joining the church, please contact Pastor of Children, Youth, and Families, Casey Cramer, to schedule a preliminary interview. Based on that first meeting, next steps toward membership will be determined.


Baptism opportunities occur once a month. Adults interested in membership who have never been baptized will be baptized when they join CPC. Children of adults joining can be baptized as well on Joining Day if their parents so choose. Parents who are already members can schedule a baptism for their child(ren) by contacting Jen Seger, Director of Care.

Read more about what we believe about baptism.