Like-Minded Churches

We value learning from the creativity and best practices of other like-minded churches.
Here are some of the churches we learn from:

Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York, NY
Trinity Grace Church, New York, NY
The Journey Church, St. Louis, MO
Grace DC, Washington, DC
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Charlottesville, VA
Pacific Crossroads Church, Los Angeles, CA
The Falls Church, Falls Church, VA
Park Community Church, Chicago, IL
The Village Church, Dallas, TX

If you decide that CPC is not the church for you…

While we would love for you to be part of the CPC church family, we know it takes all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. God’s kingdom is much larger than any single denomination or church! If for whatever reason you decide that CPC is not the church for you, there are many other good churches we could recommend. Here are some to consider:

List of Nashville Area PCA Churches

Some Other Nashville Area Churches:

Brentwood Baptist Church
Church of the City
Church of the Redeemer Anglican
Crosspoint Church
Grace Chapel
Grace Community Church
Harvest Bible Chapel
Immanuel Church
Saint Bartholomew’s Church
Saint George’s Episcopal Church
The Village Chapel