What Are Public Forums?

Public Forums are intentional conversations about things that matter to all people, whether they believe in Jesus or not. For us, it’s essential that Public Forums  include people who believe as we do, as well as people who do not. We welcome Christians, people of other religious beliefs, agnostics, atheists, and anyone else who is interested in openly discussing ideas to attend and participate in the Public Forums we host.

How Do Public Forums Work?

The nature of a public forum is a public dialogue between two or more individuals on a specific topic of public interest. A forum incorporates education, dialogue, and audience participation (through questions and observations). Forums can take place in someone’s home with just 20 or so interested participants, or they can take on the form of a large gatherings, filling up an entire event space with people who are interested in discussing things that matter in our lives.

Upcoming forums
11.9.17 -- The Gen Divide: Bridging age gaps at work

Past Public Forums