Connect Groups

Connect Groups bring Christ Presbyterian members and Nashville friends together into small gatherings for the purpose of thinking biblically and engaging the culture. Our hope is to help each person find five close friends within the congregation—not just people with whom you can discuss the Bible and share prayer requests, though those are valuable parts of Christian discipleship, but people with whom you can feel comfortable walking and just being, through seasons marked by the word “enjoy” and seasons marked by the word “endure.” 

Interested in facilitating a Connect Group?
Fill out this form so we can start a conversation with you and help determine if now is the right time to start a new group. Here a few things we’d ask you to consider before signing up:

  • You don’t have to be a teacher! We’re mostly interested in people who are willing to facilitate a gathering and a sermon-based discussion.

  • Are you willing to coordinate the gathering of a Connect Group beginning in the fall? We’re going to ask that all Connect Group facilitators commit to coordinating the gatherings of their groups at least twice (or more if you’re willing) in the months of September, October and November. A Christmas party in December is optional.

  • We’re going to ask all Connect Group facilitators to be willing restart their groups after Christmas, meeting twice per month from January through May.

  • We’re going to ask all new Connect Groups—for the first year—to commit to reviewing the sermon study guides each week they meet.

    Still undecided? That’s OK, at least let us know you’re considering this and let’s begin the conversation.


Are you currently facilitating a Connect Group?
Thank you for you service to the church and the Body of Christ! Your involvement is a major part of the mission and vision of our church as we seek to make disciples who follow Jesus in his mission of loving people, places, and things to life.

Please fill out this form and allow us to support you in your efforts to facilitate a Connect Group:

View a list of Music Row Connect Groups

If you are a Connect Group leader and would like to add new members to your existing Connect Group, register here.