Communication Department

The list below reflects our most frequently asked questions about project tickets. Click on a question to view the answer.


How much project detail should I include in a ticket?

All project details must be in the ticket before a Communications project can begin. Details include confirmed dates, times, promotional copy, and links to completed RSVP forms. Simply submitting a ticket (with limited detail) will not activate a project.

When will my ticket be processed?

Tickets are processed in 24-48 hours, or up to two business days. This is the timeline that the Comm Project Manager (PM) has to retrieve, review and respond to a ticket. This does not mean your project will be completed within two days.

How do I submit a change or update my ticketed project?

All changes should be posted in the original project ticket. Please do not submit additional tickets related to a project already in the ticketing system. One project = one ticket.

Can I just email the PM my change? It's small.

Using email strings to manage a project is the quickest way to confuse the workflow. Do not send emails to a Comm team member about a ticketed project. Instead, post your update in the original project ticket.

Can I text the project manager my change or update? It's small.

Texting is an informal channel, not designed for project management. Please do not text a Comm team member with details regarding a ticketed project. Instead, post your update in the original project ticket.

Can I submit a ticket after business hours?

Of course, but the 2 business day timeline will begin on the next business day. (e.g. If you submit a ticket at 9pm, 'the 2 day clock' starts at 8am the next business day.)

What is considered a 'business day' by Communications?

Communications Project Managers work Monday through Friday and calculate a business day based on this schedule.

Should I submit a ticket for video ideas?

All project requests, including video, should utilize the ticketing process. Video will always require a follow-up meeting. Be aware that video represents our most labor-intensive project and should be requested three months in advance of deadline.

I found an image online. Can I submit it with my ticket?

In most cases we cannot incorporate a random image found on the Web into our design work. It's never a best practice to "borrow" another designer's work and may be illegal if the found image is copyrighted. All graphic design should be the original work of a Communications designer.

Why did Communications edit the copy I submitted?

There are a myriad of editorial and design reasons behind any edit. In short, the Communications department is ultimately responsible for the integrity of all marketing and communications. Therefore everything from marketing copy to imagery, will reflect Communications' standards and practices.

How can I get a new ticket turned-around in the same day?

Same day requests must be considered in the context of the Communications team's existing workload. Like any ministry, Communications is typically juggling 10-20 projects in a given week. Bypassing our process always has a "domino effect" and keeps a project manager from hitting deadlines already in motion. Most "emergency" requests are the result of a lack of planning by the requestor, so please strive to plan well in advance of your deadlines.

My ticket says my project deadline has been changed, why?

When new details are introduced to an ongoing project it changes the project scope. Communications invests many hours in the planning, design and layout of every project. Submitting "late breaking" info, images, or ideas requires a designer and/or editor to go back to the drawing board, literally. Deadline extensions are required for many project changes.

Why the two day timeline on project tickets?

The timeline is a practical reflection of the Communications Project Manager's daily responsibilities. A Project Manager takes a hands-on role on most projects, problem-solving with clients, Comm team specialists, programmers, and vendors.

I requested an announcement be placed in [insert channel name]. Why did this request get declined?

In 2016 Christ Presbyterian adopted a more conventional centralized communications model, typically referred to as "corporate communications." This centralized approach places responsibility for global communication channels (e.g. bulletins, website, email, social media, hallway screens) onto the church's Communications Team. The resulting process is Communications now takes every request and weighs it relative to everything happening around the organization, in an effort to determine what is most strategic to communicate and when.