Missional Community Spotlight: Sweet Monday Nashville

SweetMonday_Header_Artboard 1 copy.jpg

Sometimes the greatest movements start from the most simple of ideas.

That's certainly the case with Sweet Monday Nashville -- one our missional communities here at Christ Presbyterian. One Monday every month, women from around Nashville meet in small groups to share their stories, sample a little sugary something, and connect with each other and Christ.

One Sweet Invitation at a Time

True to Sweet Monday's mission of "reaching women for Christ, one sweet invitation at a time," the group keeps its focus simple as well. Each gathering is an outreach of "fun and faithfulness."

"We laugh a lot and learn from each other," hostess Paula Nelson says, adding that her "hope is that women leave with encouraging words from scripture."

Each month is focused on a different theme. For example, January was all about time management. The March gathering focused on comfortable and fashionable shoes. In May, the group will talk about new, fun smart phone apps.

The leadership team wraps up each meeting, tying the theme into a spiritual focus. And don't forget the dessert--there's always something to sweet to sample during the conversation.

So What's the Catch?

Here's the beauty of Sweet Monday: There is no catch.

There's no obligation, no guided curriculum, no pressure to sign up for a long period of time, no need to be part of a church, no need to be a Christian. Nashville friends and neighbors come and go as they like, stay a bit longer for more conversation, and never have to register for anything. The entire experience is guilt free--well, except for the dessert.

The group isn't preachy or stuffy -- so it's appealing to a lot of women who may never step inside a church. So many women are hungry to hear the gospel and desperate for connection.  Sweet Monday, over time, has helped fill that void.

Because it's based on the Great Commission, the mission statement of this missional community will never go out of style. "It will evolve and may be different based on the leader, the topics will change over time, but the core of Sweet Monday will always be the same," Paula says.

If you have questions about Sweet Monday, feel free to contact Sarah Catherine Wheeler directly at scbwheeler@hotmail.com.

You can also find the local Sweet Monday Nashville group on Instagram: @sweetmondaynashville