Tools for Healthier Screen Use


I recently heard a person on the radio remark that in this moment, right now, we are using the least-advanced technology we will know moving forward. It is hard to imagine what our technology will be capable of in ten years, but one thing is certain: it isn’t going away.

Our church recently hosted a public forum for our city called Life Through A Screen: The Benefits, Risks, and Wounds of the Internet. We live in a world of screens. Many of us use them daily for work and the rest of life too. Using technology in God-honoring and safe ways is a skill we must learn. We are the first generation to address the unique benefits and pitfalls of this technological age. Here are some helpful tools.

One of the forum speakers, Dr. Mark Pfuetze, shared a page he created with helpful resources. I’m incorporating resources from his list along with a few others:

Resources for Good Screen Health:

Online Filters for Computers and Mobile Devices:

  • Covenant Eyes: Allows you to have your internet history ranked and sent to accountability partners of your own choosing.
  • Net Nanny: A parental control site.

Understanding Pornography:

Need Help? Counseling Resources:

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